Pranks of the Past

Comic Swap!

Back in 1997, fan boys around the world fully freaked when a group of newspaper comic book artists decided to play a practical joke on their readers. The date? April Fools Day, obvs. And the gag? The Great Comics Switcheroonie! Artists guest wrote each other’s regular strips, adding diff characters to the mix and creating pretty whack storylines. Haha! We LOL’d. 

Cold Flakes!

Before hitting the sack, put half a bowl of water in the freezer. Next morning pour a layer of milk on top and sprinkle some cereal around. Then sit back and watch while your hungry mum gets up for breaky – and slams her spoon into ice.

Parental Pranks

It Tastes Just Like Chicken

…yeah right! You know when your ‘rents serve you up something new (and weird), and they say, "it tastes just like [Insert random food you love].” Nice try, guys. Chances are it’s nothing like it! But hey, worth a bite, right?

Tickled Pink!

When your bro is away for a heaps long time (like on school camp), completely girl-ify his room. Add a bunch of fluffy pillows, posters of lame girly bands (*cough* 1D), anything sparkly and heaps of pink. When he gets home he will freak! We highly recommend filming said reaction.

Topsy Turvy!

OK, so this is more of an ‘in our dreams’ than ‘IRL’ kind of prank. While they’re out, turn your siblings entire room upside down. Nail their bed to the walls, glue their desk to the ceiling and move all their stuff, so it’s in the opposite spot. When they get home they’ll be mega-confused!

Polly Does a Pee

Take the stuffing outta your sis’ doll and pop a full water balloon in there instead. Then tell her the doll looks a bit sad and she should give it a ginormous hug. She’ll go ballistic when it bursts!

Taste Explosion

Fill up an ice tray with water slipping a Mentos in each square, and freeze it over night. Next time your mate gets a soft drink craving, fix them a drink with the cubes, kick back, relax and wait for some er, explosive results.

Short Changed

Trick peeps into thinking they’ve found a buck by gluing a bunch of coins to the footpath. Watch (and LOL) as the next person who walks past and tries to pick ‘em up. Not gonna happen, soz.

K-Zoner Prank!

Bug Paste

Pop a raison or sultana in a tube of toothpaste. The next time someone goes to squirt out some paste, they’ll fully think there’s a bug on their brush!
- Jack, NZ