Parental Pranks

Fool of the pool

So you wanna whiz while splashing around the shallow-end but instead of topping up the pool you take it to the toilet – after all, the water will turn red/green/blue/purple if you pee in it, right? To the regret of parents and pool-cleaners everywhere, no such wee dye exists. While strictly this parental prank may be busted, peeing in the pool is still super-gross. Ew.

Pranks of the Past

Man who?
To become a sports star, you can either train really, really, really hard and become the best in the world... or you can just rock up. Manchester United fan Karl Power took the second option when he ran onto the field in the team’s kit and quietly joined the squad for the photo. Nobody noticed he was there till it was too late!

Prank-Star Prank of the Month

You want flies with that?
Gross out your friends and family with this horror movie out-take! Hide a sultana or a raisin in your hand and pretend you just whacked a fly. Then pop the raisin in your mouth and your disgusted onlookers will think you just ate the fly! Haha!

Black out

Grab some clear tape and stick it over the light switch. When your oldies try to turn on the light it won’t move, and they’ll be left scratching their heads in the dark!

Be alarmed

Fool your fam by setting a bunch of alarm clocks at wacky times and hiding them around the house in random places. When they start to go off everyone will be crawling around the house trying to find them while you stand there laughing.

Best/worst gift ever

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas, though this li’l stinker can work for birthdays too. For your sibling’s gift, just wrap up something that they already own, like their 3DS or favourite T-shirt. They’ll be so (er) happy to get it back!

K-Zoner Prank

Put some chocolate/vegemite/marmite and some toilet paper and lay it on the toilet floor or seat. You can imagine what happens next. Mwahahaha!
- Bobby, Tas