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I am new but I tried the Minecraft commands and they are EPIC thanks - Chris SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! - Cody L K-zone is the best mag ever!!! - Xavier C you guys are the best - Luca B I love Minecraft Dungeons because I have a feather diamond sword and pickaxe - Mitchell D yo bro like I love it helpful stuff about games and stuff. - flexion b Shout out to all my friends! Keep up the good work K-Zone! - Jack J yo K-zone I`m a BIG fan - alex w I love Minecraft dungeons so far - Sandra H Shout Out to my sister, Angie and my friends, Samuel and Patrick. - Athan
Playing Now: FIFA 20

Playing Now: FIFA 20

The 2020 vers of FIFA is kinda like T20 cricket. Fast paced. Crowd-pleasing. High-speed balls. Tight results. And, obvs, it’s best enjoyed with buds! Available On: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, OC


We’re gonna drop and give you 20 reasons why you’ll get a kick out of FIFA 20. Play in the streets with Volta mode. Build your own football legend. Or bring in the big names. Volta has EZier flicks and skill moves. Plus, there’s no out-of-bounds. Boot the ball off the wall for new strats. For all parts of the pitch, there’s Football Intelligence. Translation? Better ball physics for new shot angles. Boosted game flow. AI is more realistic on defence. They spread out for more play opps. Plus, it’s simpler to win back the ball in a 1v1. New tackling boosts defending even more. Clean tackles help win back possessions. When you’ve got the ball, Strafe Dribbling is the neatest new trick. There’s more time and space for dribblers. Penalties and direct free kicks are a cinch, too. Aim, add spin and fire off your next netter! You’ll feel like you’ve earned every goal. Just don’t shoot too much from outside the box.

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Ethan L
I looooooooove kzone
17/11/2019 1:33:41 PM
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