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Playing Now: Just Dance 2020

Playing Now: Just Dance 2020

Move over Just Dance 2019. There’s a new groove contender in town with a killer soundtrack that’ll have you shaking your tail feather! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Wii

There’s no need to be the devs in France. No need for romance. You don’t even need to wear pants. That’s right, just dance! The yearly high-energy dance party is back for another dose of full-bodied grooving with Just Dance 2020. This rockin’ series has been around for a decade now. We dig that Just Dance 2020 gets that for every magical moment, there’s a marvellous groove movement. You’ll be popping off to 40 hot hits from across the years. There’s even a free month of the 500-track deep Just Dance Unlimited to take for a spin. That’s coz Just Dance 2020 wants you to be the ultimate dance commander. Build a custom playlist of banging tunes. Or let Just Dance 2020 recommend the best butt-shakers based on your hip-hopping history. There’s tango training wheels if this is your first Just Dance outing. Plus, grab some movin’, groovin’ mates to co-op dance your way to epic combined top scores.


Okay, so you’ve boogied your way through all 40 tracks. What’s next? Fire up the game and have a gander at the tweaked homepage. This is where you’ll find funky new seasonal events to groove to. Plus, songs recommendations. Perfect playlists. And toe-tapping vids to get you in that dancing mood!

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