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Playing Now: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Playing Now: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

For Older K-Zoners, yo! You oughta be able to take down the nasty Black Order from the superheroic safety of this ultimate alliance of marvellous characters! Available On: Switch

Avengers Endgame may have dealt with those pesky Infinity Stones. But Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order offers a whole new Infinity Stone-powered epic tale. Best bit? Your ultimate alliance ain’t just superheroes. It’s not just supervillains. Recruit your own dream Avengers team. Not just from the MCU. From all Marvel comics! Combo super-strong Captain Marvel with big-bad Magneto. Then toss in the venomous invisibility of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man with blind-brawler Daredevil. You mainly roll with four superheroic legends at a time. But you’re unlocking, levelling-up and upgrading multiple Avengers-worth of fan faves. Tackle the villainous Black Order as a solo Avenger, switching between your rad roster. Or with up to three buddies on the same Switch. Combo light and heavy attacks to flatten foes. Then use their sweet synergy moves. Our fave: bouncing Iron Man’s repulsor beams off Captain America’s vibranium shield. It deals insanium damage. But the four-fighter Ultimate Alliance Extreme power packs the biggest wallop.


Don’t get too attached to your fave four fighters. You’re gonna find stacks. And it’s good to have a mix of different hero types. A brawler like Wolverine. A tough, gruff smasher like Hulk. You want at least one flyer or web-slinger. Iron Man. Or Spider-Gwen. And def a ranged shooter like Hawkeye.

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8/1/2020 2:51:23 PM
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