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Playing Now: Planet Zoo

Playing Now: Planet Zoo

This game is a whole zoo world. Don’t you dare close your eyes! Available On: PC

There are many amazing zoos, and you can add yours to that list in Planet Zoo. Build the bestest habitats. Gotta pack in some exciting exhibits to keep visitors entertained. Upgrade your zoo with the right research. Then stuff it with the not-so-stuffed versions of the main attraction. Animals! The bigger your park, the more beasts you have. More creatures in your zoo also means more poo. Thankfully, Planet Zoo has a handy turd vacuum to keep the focus off the stinky stuff. That’s one of the little deets you’ll notice zoomed in. Zoom out to see your ever-growing zoo. Build in big bits. Or put your zoo together piece by piece. Your choices will impact visitors and, natch, your zoo’s residents. Plus, Planet Zoo has a conversation about conservation. As your zoo critters start families, kick their kids out of home and back into the wild.


Developer Frontier Developments is pro at theme-park games. The park-loving team took us on crazy high-speed loops in Planet Coaster. Plus, they built the coaster DLCs for Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Hollywood packs. And they brought dinos back to life in Jurassic World Evolution. They also digitally recreated IRL Disneyland in Disneyland Adventures!

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eu vi o jogo e gostei muito
22/1/2020 2:43:12 AM
What Olympic sport are you best at?