By Maddison Selcraig


1. The footprints astronauts left on the moon will be there for millions of years. The moon doesn’t have wind or water to wipe them away.

2. Because of UV rays, the American flag and other coloured items left on the moon have turned totally white.


3. In about four billion years, the Milky Way will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. Don’t worry, it won’t destroy us, it’ll just light up the night sky!


4. If you were to put Saturn in a bath, it would float! This is because Saturn is less dense than water. Unfortunately, to do this experiment you’d need a bathtub over 12,000km in diameter!


Earth from the moon

5. Earth has more than one moon… Well, not really, but scientists have found asteroids that follow Earth’s orbit – a little bit like moon wannabes!


6. Space isn’t actually that far away! The Karman Line, which marks where space begins is only 100km above Earth’s surface.

7. On board Voyager 1 (which is the furthest manmade object from Earth) there are messages for aliens! These include some tunes for them to rock out to. No joke.


Galaxy photo hubble telescope 

8. There is lightning in space. As spotted on Mars and Saturn!

9. Mercury’s days are 1407.5 hours long. Imagine how many Adventure Time episodes you could fit in before doing your homework! 

10. Uranus was originally going to be called George’s Star. Poor George – so close yet so far.


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