Have you ever wondered: how come big screen TVs take ages longer to turn on then normal sized ones? Or, how come my iPad doesn't work when I'm wearing gloves

Maybe that's just me, but there are loads of random things like: how do planes not fall out of the sky? When you crash on your bike, why do you fly over the handle bars, not fall backwards? Who would win this head-on collision: a 747 plane at full speed, versus a bullet train?

If you have a tech question: ask an engineer! K-Zone have teamed up with some of the smartest peeps in the business for this wicked new comp.

Comment and ask your engineering question, and if it is picked and answered, you score a sweet prize including:

You could win this sweet prize pack!

  • Wireless mouse OR Globe speaker
  • Keyring
  • Pen
  • Sick engineering experiments
  • Loads more!

K-Z Super Intern

P.S. This is all thanks to the peeps at 
Engineers Australia. Thanks guys!