Ask A Scientist:
Dear Dr Rob,
Could food ever come to life?
Manny, SA

Hey Manny,

Interesting question.

Some food is already alive, when we eat it! Think that is gross? What? You’ve never eaten yoghurt? It contains live bacteria, which is what makes it into yoghurt in the first place.

Also, many of the foods we eat are seeds, which if planted and watered would grow. Some food continues to grow even in our cupboards. Ever discovered an onion or a potato that has begun to grow shoots? 


Are seeds alive? Ask a scientist!
Seeds: "Hey, can you pass the water plz? And some soil? And just a pinch of sunlight? Cheers!


So, yes, food can come to life, but not in the way that you might think. Eating the still-beating heart of a cobra snake is not my thing, but believe it or not some people do it!



Cobras: weird food!
"Don't eat us! We're alive! We're aliiive! Sssssssss"


Dr Rob
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