Check out K-Zone's five ways to get your head in the stars while keeping your feet on the ground:

1. An app like Sky Guide shows all the stars in real time, including those on the other side of the planet, i.e. through the ground. (It’s freaky but amazing.)

2. Track the International Space Station throug or and wave at the astronauts as they fly past! Clue: it looks kind of like the letter H.

3. Head to your local observatory! Big telescopes and actual astronomers can only be a good thing.

4. Get to your local pole to see the Northern or Southern Lights. Solar wind + the Earth’s magnetic field = amazing light display. Nice one nature.

5. Another bucket-list essential? A total solar eclipse. The next one in Australia and NZ will be on 22 July 2028. How old will you be then?


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