Concept: Alex Lazcano/Photography: Anthony Adamson

It's easy-as! Make sure you get your folks to help with the iron part. Here's what you do:

You'll need an iron to read your secret message

What you need:

  • Iron
  • Small cup of full cream milk
  • White paper
  • Cotton buds

What to do:

  1. Dip the cotton bud in the milk and make sure it soaks right through the tip.

  2. Use the cotton bud as the 'pen' and write your secret message on the paper.

  3. Allow the message to dry - this should take about half an hour.

  4. Ask an adult to iron the paper, running the iron over it a few times.

  5. Your message will appear!

The secret? The heat of the iron burns the dried milk slightly, and as it burns, it goes brown and reveals your message. Pretty cool, huh?