January 14, 2014

Next time you're stuck at one of your folk's boring-as dinner parties, bust out one of these awesome facts and watch the impressed expressions set in. Well... maybe not the fart-joke one.

Hint: these weird facts are also awesome for awkward-as silences.

Did you know... in the most recent Ashes test, Nathan Lyon played all five tests without getting out once?

Did you know... the world's oldest fart joke was told back in 1900BC? (It's waaay too rude to publish).

Did you know... some geckos don't have eyelids, so they lick their own eyes when they're dry? Eww.

Weird facts: Geckos lick their own eyeballs. Photo: Getty Images

Did you know... 90% of humans are right-handed, but cats, rats and mice are 50% lefties and 50% righties?

Did you know... astronauts wear white suits because they reflect light (like on earth)? Hope they're wearing sunscreen too, temps can get to 275 degrees Fahrenheit in direct space sunlight!

Did you know... in the original Donkey Kong game, he was the baddie? Mario was sent in to defeat him, except his name wasn't Mario, it was Jumpman. Ahh... what?

Weird gaming facts: Donkey Kong was a villain?