Robot 1

Get ready for the first ever robot-football world chamionships, which are being held RIGHT NOW in Eindhoven! With ultra-cool metal-men battling it out for the win, we reckon RoboCup will take over for State of Origin in another few years! 

Robot 2

Take a look at the future K-Zoners – robots surrounded by computers and techy stuff, running the world! This guy’s name is AILA, and he operates the panel during a demonstration at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence!

Robot 3

Meet Ich bin Reiner – the funky orange garbage bin from Berlin who cleans up the streets when people are too lazy to put their rubbish in the bin! Maybe he should be popping it back in their letterboxes?

Robot 4

This is a real-life human robot at the booth of Maxon Motors – a one-eyed wonder (freaky? Or freakishly cool?) That looks like an iPad attached to his phone – maybe he’ll lay down some beats while he rules over us?

Robot 5

Meet the German robot band Compressorhead – these guys are taking digital music to the next level and they already sound way better than Justin Bieber!