It’s been a jam-packed week at KZ HQ, as the team is starting a whole new issue, which takes loads of work (and loads of lollies)! There’s also been loads of new stuff on the website as well! So if you’ve been a little MIA lately, this post is going to wrap up the ‘haps.

First things first - there's a new 
Skylander and has the first look at the trailer! Check out the clip of 'Swarm'.

If you’re cray cray about vampires (and I’m not talkin’ about the Edward Cullen kind) take a look at this week’s 
Freaky Friday. We give you the lowdown on Dracula, the world’s oldest vampire and what to do if you ever come into contact with him! We’ll give you a hint: don’t invite him into your house.

You haven’t experienced Christmas in July until you pick up the latest issue of the mag! The K-Krew has kicked off the festivities early and is going HUGE on prizes. Like a hyped up vault, this month’s 
Prize-A-Thon is worth over $35,000!! But you gotta buy the new mag to sink your teeth (see what I did there?) into some seriously cool prizes.

Signing off,
Super intern