KZ: What did you do before becoming a Gladiator?
SCAR: I hunted in the jungle. I hunted everything from baboons and snakes to bush pigs and frogs. I even hunted a lion once. I'm a real life warrior and can live in any jungle and survive.

KZ: How do you keep your body in primo shape?

SCAR: I'm constantly running, weight training and using all the resources around me to keep fit. I love to climb trees, do some swinging and often swim in rivers.

KZ: What's your signature move?
SCAR: My right hand strikes across my chest as I yell out my name - "SCAR!!!"

KZ: Do you ever get nervous before taking on a new challenger?
SCAR: No, 'cos I"ve been competing all my life and always try hard to win. I get an adrenaline rush when I see a new challenger.

KZ: Are you red-faced if you lose a challenge against a non-Gladiator?
SCAR: I hate to lose, but learn from every mistake - that's how you become a better fighter and human being. If you never face any adversary you can never improve your abilities. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. So I train extra hard to improve myself.

KZ: What's your fave Gladiators event?
SCAR: Definitely, Duel. I like to see my challenger face-to-face and see his misery as he falls hard from my blows!!!

KZ: What's the hardest Gladiators event of all?
SCAR: Pendulum 'cos it takes a lot of upper body strength and determination to stay on the ball. It also takes heaps of coordination and mental ability to win the challenge. It's tough.

KZ: Is there a competition between the Gladiators to be the toughest person on the show?
SCAR: No, we all have our own strengths and work together as a team to claim our victory against the challengers.