Welcome to the The Featherby Files!

Name: Billy Featherby

Truck: Scooby-Doo!

Age: 16

Home: Coolum, Qld

Years driving: Two


KZ: How did you convince your mum that driving a Monster Truck was a good idea?

BF: She wasn't overly happy at first, but now she thinks it's pretty cool!

KZ: How many cars do you reckon you've squashed since you started driving?

BF: Definitely over a thousand, plus a few caravans, boats and a full-sized bus!

KZ: If you could create your own toon-themed monster truck, which character would you base it on?

BF: Naruto 'cos he's an absolutely awesome ninja!

KZ: How do people react when you tell 'em that you're a Monster Truck driver?

BF: Most people don't believe me at first, but then they're pretty amazed when I show them photos on my phone!


KZ: When you get a flat, how long does it take to change a Monster Truck tyre?

BF: Our mechanic can change a tyre in about an hour.

KZ: How do you get into the truck? Do you need a ladder?

BF: You climb in from underneath, where the steel frame bars act like a sort of ladder. The trucks don't have doors because they're so high and would probably pop open!

KZ: Do you need a special licence or permit to drive a Monster Truck?

BF: Yep, you do! I had to travel to the US and pass a series of special tests to prove that I had the ability and skills to drive a monster truck.

KZ: How do the Monster Trucks get from one venue to another?

BF: The trucks are loaded onto semi-trailers and are taken to each venue behind a special 'wide load' pilot vehicle. They have a 12-person crew to get them around and keep them running