Samuel Groth contemplates his next rocket serve.

Did you know an Australian hit the fastest serve ever? Samuel Groth hit a whopping 163 mph serve, breaking all serve speed records!

In comparison, Nadal's fastest serve this year was 124 mph.

Rafael Nedal at the Australian Open. Photo: Facebook
Rafael Nadal practises on a bouncy Aussie open court.

The surface of the tennis courts at the Australian Open aren't just coloured concrete, they're a substance called
Plexicushion. It's a slightly bouncy surface, created by smoothing layers of rubbery resin across the court.

Federer has rocked the tennis world this year with his new racquet - it's 98 inches big instead of his usual 90! He's looking to bag his 18th Grand Slam title at the Aussie open, and prob figures that a bigger racquet means he'll miss less shots!

With 17 Grand Slam singles titles, Federer is already the record holder. An 18th would just solidify his position.

Aussie legend Margaret Court holds the women's record with 24 Grand Slam singles titles. Epic!

Like Federer, current number one Serena Williams is sitting on 17 Grand Slam singles titles.

The Aussie Open starts January 13, 2014. We can't wait to see if Federer breaks his own record!