Scootering on all day long... the Team Razor USA crew have got a pretty sweet life!

TEAM MANAGER, California

KZ: How do you invent new tricks?
A: You can look at other sports like BMX, and adapt some of its tricks, like tail whips and 360s. You borrow from sports you know and invent new stuff that can only be done on a scooter.
KZ: What's it like trying out new razor scooters before anyone else?
A: It's great! I get to help new design toys, try them out, and see what's fun about them.
KZ: What's the coolest toy you've tried out?
A: I love the Ripstik. It's so different to everything else.

Cary Mosbrucker

Age 21, Washington

KZ: So how do you get amped up before a big race?
C: Watch some videos or get pumped onto some good music, get amped up!
KZ: What's a good scooter for starters?
C: I'd probably get a Razor Pro model.
KZ: How many scooters do you own?
C: 3 right now. I've got a light weight one which is good for like flat ground tricks like tail whips. I've also got a PSI which is bigger than your average scooter deck so it's better to ride during transitions.

Jesse Macaluso


Age 20,  New Jersey

KZ: How you started get into Razor Scooter?
J: They came out in 2000. I saw it on TV and I begged my mum for one. They got me one for Christmas and I've been riding it ever since!
KZ: What do you think is the hardest trick to do?
J: The double flip - I haven't landed that yet!.
KZ: And your favourite trick?
J: Maybe a flare? I just love flipping.