The Aussies hold the Tom 'Rusty' Richards trophy! Photo: Getty Images

The Wallabies hold the Tom Richards Cup after winning against the Lions in their last clash in 2001!


NAME: Thomas Richards

NICKNAME: Tom, Rusty

SPORT: Rugby Union

BORN: 29 April 1882 in Northern NSW

Fast facts:

  • Tom started playing rugby when he was a kid, after a NSW Rugby Team visited his home town.
  • Tom played for the awesome Wallabies! He’s also played for the British Lions and a South African team.
  • On tour with the Wallabies in 1908, he scored the first try against Wales.  After that, he helped the Wallabies win gold at the 1908 Summer London Olympics!
  • Tom was the only player to ever play for both Australia and Britain
  • He has a trophy named after him – the Tom Richards Trophy.  Whenever Australia and the British Lions play each other, the winner gets the trophy!  

England won the
Tom Richards Trophy in 2013!