Everyone has heard of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who leaves every competitor for dust! Here's the stats on fastest man on earth:

Name: Usain Bolt

Nickname: Lightning Bolt

Birthday: August 21, 1986

Code: Athletics

Kingston, Jamaica

Bolt is the first guy to hold the records for the fastest 100m and 200m run at the same time! He also was in the relay team that holds the 4 x 100m record.

His trophy room must be chockas: he's the first man with six gold medals for sprinting, and he's been the World Champ eight times.

Usain Bolt holds 1 of his 6 Olympic gold medals. Photo: Getty Images

If he had to pick, we reckon Bolt would prefer the 200m races 'cos he's taken home more bling for that distance, although in 2009 he broke his own world record of 9.69 seconds for a 100m, running the same distance in 9.58 seconds!

Crazy facts: 

  • Bolt loves music, and has sweet reggae DJ skills
  • The first sport he loved was cricket, and wanted to be a fast bowler. In fact, Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne asked him if he wanted to play in our Big Bash league. How epic would that be?
  • He's super relaxed, and loves dancing.

Usain Bolt's famous winning pose! Photo: Getty Images