Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

by Dan | Feb 19, 2016

Wassup K-Zoners.


Big question. Are you a plant? Or a zombie? It’s a very important question because Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is coming out on Feb 23 and I can’t wait to get involved.

Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2

I was a fan of the first game in the series and there are a bunch of new customisable characters and sticker packs to unlock, though I hope it doesn’t take as long to level up this time around.

So, who’s keen? And which side do you wanna end up on?




  1. 10 AJ 21 Feb
    I don't see why they are making PvZ shooters. It makes no sense considering its a puzzle game. Oh, and Dan... If it takes a while to level up, then its going to be extra challenging then.
  2. 9 AJ 06 Mar
    Hey Dan, you excited for ​​No Mans Sky​?
  3. 8 skyler 20 Apr
    I would be on the plants, GO GREEN!!!
  4. 7 malan 26 Apr
    I think I would be on the plants side. oh and Dan it does take a while
    to level up and that is a challenge which makes the game more fun. I
    know that because they published the game on the computer and I had a
    blast playing it!
    I want to say thx for putting info about some of the plants and zombies
    in the new April 2016 comp! (which I bought today) and I think it is the
    best mag I bought yet! Dan you and your blog of gaming rocks! I also
    like how you put a chance to win an xbox one and the game controller +
    the game itself. I entered twice because I really want to win! please
    please please!!!!! let me win.
  5. 6 Daniel 05 Oct
    Hi dan if I had a chance to pick which side I'd be on in plants vs zombies I'd pick zombies
  6. 5 Daniel 05 Oct
    Hey anyone got batman Arkham games
  7. 4 Person repling to Daniel 31 Oct
    Ay Daniel, I had Batman Arkham Knight before. It was amazing. I know they've released both Arkham Asylum/City (Origins isnt there since noone really liked Origins) on the PS4 and Xbox1. Batman Arkham Knight is good, even better with some of the DLC. The Arkham series has had a reputation of getting 10/10 reviews from all the tough game critics. They are really good games, probably for older K-Zoners. 
  8. 3 Demarius Pulman 03 Nov
    If I had that game on my ps4 I would choose zombies plants lol
  9. 2 Owen 12 Dec
    i love pvz gw2 its so epic and i have all the charters including the legendarys are the unicorn chomper
  10. 1 Jason 12 Dec
    Wow I never knew they had this type of PvZ game, and this is the second one. This looks fun. 

    Plant side for life of course. I think I'll try the zombies sometimes just to see what it's like.


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