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On my 9th Birthday (I'm 9 now,) one of my friends gave the kzone books and I thought it was interesting, so I typed up the website... AWESOME! - CJ year 4 I love these mags never stop making them! - Manon H K Zone rocks the best mag ever! Joel - Joel C dr strange movie yay!!!!!! - harry We love ❤️ kzone. Shout out to everyone who plays Fortnite - Daniel W K-zone rock like the rock - Henry M K-zone is the best magazine to ever exist! - Ryan L I LOVE MY NUNNA - Tyce F K-crew make K-zone the best mag ever, we’re lucky to have such a brilliant mag and team. Keep supporting them k-zones😁😎👍 - Jeremy B Kzone is the best mag!!! Also has the best prizes! - Niel O