• SWITCHER_October
    New October K-Zone Out Now! Get your sneak peek of the Star Wars special of K-Zone!
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
    Cloudy With A Chance Of Awesome

    Guess which series is coming to your TV real soon!

  • Hotel Transylvania 2
    Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer! The Halloween fun returns in the second movie!
  • Dive Clops Unboxing
    Dan Reveals New Underwater Skylander! Get a load of water Skylander Dive-Clops here!
  • Angry Birds Movie
    Angry Birds Movie It’s soaring into cinemas next year! Check out the trailer here…
  • Aideen's Blog of Awesome Star Wars Disney Captain America
    Marvel, Star Wars and Disney Theme Parks!

    Aideen tells you the coolest updates in her Blog of Awesome! 

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    Have you voted for Toy of the Year?

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    The Diary of a Wimpy Kid READ-A-THON Challenge This is your chance to do an interview for KZ! 
K-Zone TV Episode 6!
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