• Switcher Here Be Heroes
    New K-Zone Mag: Here Be Heroes! Sneak a peek at the new April issue of K-Zone!
  • Iron Man Marvel Avengers
    Cool Avengers Character Facts! Get stoked on the deets from the new Avengers movie.
  • Grumpy Cat interview
    Interview With Grumpy Cat! K-Zone got to speak to our favourite surly feline friend.
  • Kids Choice Awards Slime
    KIDS' CHOICE AWARD WINNERS 2015! Check who got your votes this year!
  • Inside Out Disney/Pixar
    Meet The Inside Out Characters! Check this cool trailer for Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film
  • Ryan with helicopter
    Ready For A LEGO Experience?

    LEGO engineer Ryan McNaught is building something awesome…but what?

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