• February Issue of K-Zone Out Now
    New K-Zone Mag: Animation Nation! It's Back to Cool K-Zoners!
  • Luke and Wyatt hosts
    Ready For The Slimiest Australia Day Ever? Check out what Nickelodeon's got planned for you!
  • Gumball Jacob Hopkins
    Meet Gumball! We spoke to the voice of Gumball about super random weird stuff!
  • K-Zone's Month of Memes
    K-Zone's Month Of Memes! Check back every day for a new LOL-worthy meme!
  • Bunnings DIY projects
    Make Your Own Foosball Table And More! Check out these cool DIY projects K-Zoners!
  • Super Smash Bros Review
    Reader Review! Super Smash Bros. K-Zone wants your Super Smash Bros. review!
  • Star Wars Trading Cards
    Star Wars Releases Online Trading Cards! Have a look-see! They're out of this world!
  • Adventure kids festival in Victoria
    Return of the Adventure Kids Festival Looking for a summer adventure? Check this out!
  • Top Things To Try In Minecraft
    Top 10 Things To Try In Minecraft Have you been making the most of Minecraft?
  • James and Dylan paper planes
    How To Make The Ultimate Paper Plane James and Dylan from the movie Paper Planes share their tips!
  • Lego Christmas Tree Pitt St Mall
    Merry Bricksmas! K-Zone checks out the blockiest Christmas tree in town!
  • Move it Mob Style promo
    Move It Mob Style Springs Into SBS's NITV Host Ghenoa Gela tells K-Zoners how to find their groove!
  • Canberra Christmas Lights world record
    Christmas Lights Blitz The Record Books!

    Canberra has been swallowed by a mountain of Christmas lights!

  • Wipe out homepage slider
    6 Times When Summer Goes Wrong Check out these summer fails!
  • Meet-the-Big-Hero-6-Characters
    Big Hero 6 Characters Meet Hiro, Baymax, Fred, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon!
  • Meet these cool new dudes!
    Meet the New Skylander Minis!

    Get to know these little dudes, the latest additions to join the Skylanders Trap Team!

  • Diary of a Minecraft Noob Day 5
    Diary of a Minecraft Noob Day 5 Surely by day 5 I was a seasoned Minecrafter, right?
  • KZONE-Poster-Gamers-Edition
    K-Zone Posters Gamer Edition Rip ‘em out and stick ‘em up!
  • These will have you LOLing so hard!
    Pranks Pranks Pranks These pranks will have you LOL-ing so hard! Check 'em out.
  • RedHandfish-Alien-or-Fish
    Sea Creatures That Belong In Outer Space

    Nope, they’re not aliens, they’re fish! Check these freaky dudes out.

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