• December K-Zone
    New K-Zone Mag: World of Minecraft How much Minecraft can you handle?
  • minions-trailer
    NEW MOVIE: Minions Trailer Take a peek at the first trailer that's making us LOL already! Absolute gold. 
  • /gallery/sports-extreme-sports-wrestler-chris-jericho

    It’s Chris Jericho’s birthday on November 9, so let’s celebrate 9 awesome facts!

  • Picto Blitz Level 5 Tony-Stark
    Picto Blitz Level 5 - superhero edition Do you have the smarts to take on the super-brains of the KZ team?
    Toy of the Year Awards Dudes... win one of five $100 cash prizes! What more do we need to say?!
  • Wii-U-News-E3---Spaltoon
    RESURFER: Wii U at E3 Oi! Did you hear about all the cool things coming out for Wii U? Check this out...
  • V8-Supercar-Bathurst-1000
    Bathurst 1000 How on earth did Chaz do it! One crazy day on Mount Panorama...
  • No-Mans-Sky-Game
    New Game: No Man's Sky Quite possibly the coolest game on show at E3 2014!
  • Meet-the-Big-Hero-6-Characters
    Big Hero 6 Characters Meet Hiro, Baymax, Fred, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon!
  • Test your Star Wars Rebels Knowledge
    Are you a Star Wars Rebels Know-all? Take the In-QUIZ-itor test and prove your smarts!
  • Meet these cool new dudes!
    Meet the New Skylander Minis!

    Get to know these little dudes, the latest additions to join the Skylanders Trap Team!

  • Diary of a Minecraft Noob Day 5
    Diary of a Minecraft Noob Day 5 Surely by day 5 I was a seasoned Minecrafter, right?
  • KZONE-Poster-Gamers-Edition
    K-Zone Posters Gamer Edition Rip ‘em out and stick ‘em up!
  • These will have you LOLing so hard!
    Pranks Pranks Pranks These pranks will have you LOL-ing so hard! Check 'em out.
  • US Open told in LOL photos
    US Tennis Open LOL photos! See these tennis champs roar, fall and climb on top of each other!
  • Watch these daredevils jump outta planes and off cliffs!
    Would you do this? Check out these daredevils jumping outta planes and off cliffs! 
  • Run from the Hill High garbage monster on this awesome free game
    Fun Alert: New Free Game to Play Now! Strange Hill High is no ordinary school...Find out what's hiding behind corridors!
  • RedHandfish-Alien-or-Fish
    Sea Creatures That Belong In Outer Space

    Nope, they’re not aliens, they’re fish! Check these freaky dudes out.

    AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON SECRETS The latest news and behind-the-scenes from the new Avengers film!
  • Best Funny Memes For Kids: Adventure Time, Superman and more
    Best Funny Memes Well... we think so! Get LOLing guys.
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