Australia’s first official LEGO Store opened on Saturday, January 28, on Queensland’s Gold Coast!


Fans camped overnight to be one of the first through the doors of the store, located at Dreamworld, and were wowed by one of the largest ranges of LEGO in Australia. The amount of LEGO to choose from inside could fill two Olympic swimming pools – it’s a dream come true!


The store is also home to 10 life-size LEGO models, including Stormtroopers, a giant Incredible Hulk, and several animals like a tiger and koala. Want to see how the Incredible Hulk, tiger and a rad surfer minifig were made for the LEGO Store display? Check out the video below!

There is also a LEGO ‘Pick a Brick’ wall, ‘Make Your Own Minifigure’ stations, and LEGO brick engraving.


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What do you think K-Zoners? Do you want to visit the LEGO Store? Let us know in the comments below!


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