Lisa De Vanna is the superstar striker and the record goal scorer for the Westfield Matildas. She co-captains the team as a forward, and has had 131 appearances on the Australian national team, with 42 goals. Check out the video below for a special shout out to all K-Zoners!

We also had a chat to Lisa about the upcoming games!

KZ: Congratulations on being the all-time highest goal scorer in Matildas history! Are you a record holder at anything else in life?


L: Ha! I’m very much a joker and I love taking the mickey out of people! 


KZ: Any secrets you can share with K-Zoners who want to be better at scoring goals?


L: Composure on the ball and lots of practice!


KZ: Why should K-Zoners head over to Pepper Stadium to watch the Matildas vs Brazil?


L: I feel we have one of the best Matildas teams ever. The amount of talent we have in the team is amazing. The Matildas are building something big as a team, and showing the world how we can compete with the best! Brazilians live and breathe football. They have lots of fair and exciting skills, which make for a great game. We have always played Brazil in major tournament and it always ends up a thriller, and it’s no different now! They have lots to prove about our last encounter. I encourage all K-Zoners to come down and check out the action!


KZ: What are you most looking forward to in the game the Matildas are playing on September 15 in Penrith?


L: I am most looking forward to playing the game I love, in front of a packed out home crowd! I love being home and playing in front of our fans and family, and I’m really looking forward to two exciting games of football.   


Make sure you cheer on The Westfield Matildas as they take on Brazil on Saturday 16 September at Pepper Stadium, Penrith!


If you want to keep cheering, the Matildas will play again on Tuesday 19 September at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle.


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