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Who is a more LOL-worthy character?

Who is a more LOL-worthy character?

Who is a more LOL-worthy character?
Who is a more LOL-worthy character?
Tags:   marvel star wars


Kong is in Thor ragnorok
6/3/2021 7:57:27 AM
Rory D
korg is really funny
26/2/2021 6:39:56 PM
Thomas W
16/2/2021 7:40:23 PM
Daniel B
30/1/2021 10:43:55 AM
zayd c
korg is the best bb-8 is nowhere near as funny as korg
29/1/2021 8:25:04 AM
Daniel B
most people haven't watch korg movies that's why korg is down on votes
27/1/2021 1:08:15 PM
I feel sorry for him so bb-8 all the way
15/1/2021 9:01:48 AM
Tyson L
Lol Kong all the way
12/1/2021 12:23:24 PM
Daniel B
Korg is the king of lols BB-8 is lame and yes Freddie he cant talk plus he makes annoying sounds
9/1/2021 10:34:05 PM
Siarn J
i love funny robots
9/1/2021 5:18:25 PM
who voted bb-8 he cant even talk and hes lame korg is actually funny
31/12/2020 6:43:55 AM
Issaac H
Korg has funny lines written for him .... the ball is just a ball .... not funny
27/12/2020 9:53:53 AM
Tai v
I like korg better to be honest
21/12/2020 11:44:04 AM
Jien E
I have to agree with that
17/12/2020 6:29:29 PM
Y mou all obviously haven’t seen Thor ragnarok. Bb8 is nothing compared to korg
12/12/2020 6:18:43 PM
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