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Who would be the best cover star?

Who would be the best cover star?

Who would be the best cover star?
Who would be the best cover star?
Poo emoji


spider man spider man does wut ever a spider can shoots a web any size catches things just Like flies Watch out here comes Spider man
27/11/2019 6:33:16 PM
Alexander B
Spider-Man does whatever a spider can.
20/11/2019 8:01:34 PM
Corban M
Why pikachu can't it be eevee
7/10/2019 2:09:15 PM
Jacob P
ha ha ha :D
15/9/2019 7:42:10 PM
ollie g
Hi kzone keep being awesome
17/8/2019 11:23:43 AM
Luca D
I like Marvel
28/7/2019 2:23:20 PM
ossian E
20/6/2019 9:56:20 AM
Tyson R
He de best been in more movies then the others and has super powers. (Pikachu is cool though) XD
13/6/2019 11:39:00 AM
Matthew H
poo emoji
26/5/2019 7:47:05 AM
Liam M
5/5/2019 7:40:53 PM
Mason B
29/4/2019 6:28:49 PM
Mason B
29/4/2019 6:28:36 PM
Sean S
Spider man is the best!😁😀
29/4/2019 5:54:02 PM
Why because is a hero to save the people and stop the villans
29/4/2019 5:49:36 PM
Jadon F
you should pick.............PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29/4/2019 5:34:04 PM
Cooper H
Pikachu is the best
25/4/2019 4:17:48 PM
Angus W
The poop emoji would be a great cover star for an issue including smelly toilet jokes and pranks.
22/4/2019 7:52:20 PM
poop emoji
22/4/2019 3:24:11 PM
You should put sonic on there!
22/4/2019 2:19:37 PM
Jackson P
Pika-choose Pikachu!
21/4/2019 9:54:44 PM
Who has better tech?
Iron Man