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How To Speak Minion

How To Speak Minion

Become a pro before you see the new movie!

We are so pumped for Minions! It hits cinemas on June 18 and you can read all about the despicable characters that will star in the flick in the July issue of K-Zone. There’s also a bunch of Minion mindbenders for you to flex your brain muscles with.

This Guide to Minionspeak might even help you with one of those puzzles, so study up then go challenge yourself on page 26 of the mag!

Minionspeak guide


so cool could u put more words?
20/7/2018 11:15:00 AM
26/5/2016 7:21:34 AM
There isn't many words add more but still pretty good And I'm awesome and my dad thought he is funnier than you so I got reeeeeeeeeely angry
18/7/2015 10:40:50 PM
12/7/2015 9:28:34 AM
Me, my mum and my sister LOVE MINIONS so we are going to see it at the drive-in.
27/6/2015 7:40:08 AM
New Kzone Fan
After the movie,please add more words
19/6/2015 11:17:56 PM
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A boat