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Tokyo Games: Rhiannon Clarke

Tokyo Games: Rhiannon Clarke

Rhiannon Clarke is an Australian para-athletics competitor who specialises in sprint events and is headed to the Tokyo Paralympic Games! The Paralympic Games will be held from August 24-September 5 2021!

KZ: Hi Rhiannon! If you could add a fun new rule to the 100m and/or 200m disciplines, what would it be?

R: The 100m is already really fun because it is very fast!

KZ: Since you’ll be taking the gold, who do you think will grab silver and bronze?

R: My category (T38) has some amazing athletes. It will be a great race.

KZ: Other than sprinting, is there a skill or talent you have that you believe deserves a gold medal?

R: I know how to ballroom dance

KZ: Are there any other sports you’re keen to watch while you’re there?

R: I’d love to watch the swimming and other athletics events to cheer on my Australian teammates. However, I will have to watch them on the TV instead.

To read more of our interview with Rhiannon and other athletes heading to the Tokyo Games, grab the August 2021 Sports Jam issue, on sale now until August 15 in Australia!

Keep your eyes peeled for the September 2021 issue (on sale August 16-September 12) for more Tokyo Paralympic Games coverage!


Yana S
She is my fave athlete next to elyse Perry
2/9/2021 5:19:14 PM
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Animal Crossing