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Sneak Peek of May 2021 Marvel Multiverse Mayhem Issue

Check out a few pages of the new issue, on sale now!


I love this books
9/5/2021 11:31:41 AM
Charlie R
Me to
2/5/2021 2:58:29 PM
pathis b
21/4/2021 6:37:55 PM
I like it :)
19/4/2021 7:53:26 PM
Bailey I
17/4/2021 10:12:44 AM
The K-Zone Team
Hi Carlos! The April 2021 issue includes Star Wars The Clone Wars: Raiders of the Lost Gundark, and there is not a comic in the May 2021 issue.
15/4/2021 12:06:58 PM
Benjamin A
Yeah me to Jeremy b
14/4/2021 5:19:32 PM
Rowan M
13/4/2021 3:48:04 PM
Carlos E M
I don't know if there was a STAR WARS Comic in the April (#4) or May (#5) issues of K-Zone. Can a K-Zoner in the know, let me in on the comic titles, please? Thank you !
13/4/2021 2:14:02 PM
Ben M
I love MARVEL so much!
13/4/2021 2:05:58 PM
Max W
WOOO, All of them I like. Also hi!
13/4/2021 1:31:34 PM
Jeremy B
Yay, it’s full of my favourites, Marvel, Star Wars and Mario. Terrific stuff k-zone
12/4/2021 9:44:12 AM
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