Disney Infinity Star Wars Play Set!

by Dan | Nov 20, 2015

Force Awakens Disney Infinity

Yo K-Zoners!

Disney Infinity - Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set comes out the same day as the Star Wars: Force Awakens movie (December 17), which means I have absolutely NO idea what is going to happen in it.

You would think being K-Zone editor means they would trust me with those kind of epic secrets, but no dice. The story of
Episode VII is locked down tighter than the NERF locker at K-Zone HQ

So anyway, all I can do is gaze at the sweet Infinity figurines and try to decide which one is my fave. 

Let me know which one you’re hanging to get your hands on in the comments below!

Peace out!



  1. 6 AJ 21 Nov
    Have you gotten Battlefront Dan?
  2. 5 william 21 Nov
    I am STOKED for Kylo Ren!!! Can not wait for the new movie!
  3. 4 Dan 23 Nov
    Hey AJ - nope haven't got Battlefront yet! 

    William - Kylo Ren looks epic, doesn't he! All of K-Zone HQ is HANGING for Ep. VII. Cannot wait either!
  4. 3 Adam 02 Dec
    I think chewbacca is my favourite because I'm a Star Wars freak.
  5. 2 Dylan 02 Feb
    Luke Skywalker is a amazing!
  6. 1 alsia 26 Feb
    Chewbacca and Luke RULE


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