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Combat Wombat Trailer

An unlikely hero suits up in the new Aussie animated film, Combat Wombat!

Maggie was a regular Sanctuary City citizen until she saved Sweetie, a rookie superhero, and accidentally became a superhero herself! The town already has a superhero, Flightless Feather, but everyone is excited about the new superhero - even if she’d prefer to stay at home and sleep instead of fighting crime! 

Flightless Feather won’t give up his hero status easily, and Maggie discovers that he’s involved in a massive conspiracy! Looks like Maggie and Sweetie will need to hero up and reveal the truth to save Sanctuary City!  

Combat Wombat is in cinemas from October 15, 2020!

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Eli C
Really good movie I have seen it also watch daisy quokka by the same people I think great movie 👍👍
5/2/2021 5:15:01 PM
Thomas E
Wow. I can't believe they actually made a movie about it.
2/11/2020 4:44:41 PM
Who is unluckier?
Doctor Neo Cortex