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What's more cringe?

What's more cringe?

What's more cringe?
What's more cringe?
Sibling's music taste
Dad jokes
Bad memes
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ollie g
dad jokes are cringeeeeeeee
17/8/2019 4:25:47 PM
Luca D
Bad memes I like Marvel!!!!!!!!!!
28/7/2019 2:24:13 PM
Ben O
15/6/2019 3:02:45 PM
one comment to stop the bad memes saves one kid from cringing LOL
14/6/2019 9:31:20 AM
john s
i am with you on that you finn
8/6/2019 2:47:43 PM
Finn H
I love you k-zone
3/4/2019 6:18:24 PM
Who is more evil?
Lord Garmadon