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What’s the coolest science project?

What’s the coolest science project?

What’s the coolest science project?
What’s the coolest science project?
Creating your own volcano
Making a mini bot
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Thomas H
I love everything about science πŸ§ͺ so it is great that k-zone talked about it!!!!!!!
1/10/2019 9:41:44 AM
connor m
SCIENCE!!!!!!! a robot yas plz
24/7/2019 6:46:55 PM
Charlotte B
Science is Awesome!!!
13/7/2019 2:45:58 PM
Felix P
I love k-zone and everything to do with it
4/7/2019 10:11:16 AM
Kai F
definently the mini robot
8/6/2019 6:30:16 PM
Kai F
I love K-ZONE!
8/6/2019 6:29:33 PM
adam d
I think the robot
19/5/2019 7:14:35 PM
Defs mini robot
14/5/2019 6:21:04 AM
Ethan R
robot robot robot
13/5/2019 7:53:34 PM
Finn G
We made a ghost out of a teabag that could actually fly!
12/5/2019 4:29:03 PM
A mini bot that could tell me the winning lotto numbers ! !!
3/5/2019 9:04:39 PM
Angus W
A robot that could do my homework for me would save me from cleaning toilets as a job.
22/4/2019 7:57:18 PM
I made my mini bot and it was EPIC it even did my homework for me!..But I lost it :( so I chose mini bot because I loved him and it was good memories :)
13/4/2019 4:07:58 PM
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