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Hayden C
baymax is funny and kinda cool and hiro is good at inventing stuff
24/7/2021 5:19:34 PM
Rory D
i love pokemon
26/2/2021 7:01:40 PM
25/9/2020 6:55:43 AM
Makai T
Pika Pika...
8/9/2020 12:28:44 PM
Adam R
i wanna hangout with no one im an introvert
22/7/2020 4:11:12 PM
Joshua R
Hiro and baymax
16/7/2020 8:25:37 PM
Robert C
detective pickachu
23/5/2020 5:37:19 PM
max h
kzone is cool!
21/5/2020 5:24:35 PM
Beth E
they are so friendly (exrain and bait)
20/5/2020 1:27:03 PM
Who would you want as your BFF?
Lumpy Space Princess
Princess Bubblegum