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Which is more fun?

Which is more fun?

Which is more fun?
Which is more fun?
Nerf war
Laser tag
Tags:   sports


laser tag
6/9/2020 1:16:09 PM
Liam L
I love Nerf guns. They're very fun to play with.
27/8/2020 7:59:38 PM
Laser tag 4 sure
2/8/2020 5:01:38 PM
Leo R
i love k-zone and their mag
21/7/2020 5:46:55 PM
Murphy G
Laser taggggggggggg
12/6/2020 12:58:06 PM
Everett B
I think laser tag is the best!
4/6/2020 5:46:09 PM
Ewan w
I have two nerf blasters but no darts ._.
12/5/2020 10:52:08 AM
laser tag is more accurate
30/4/2020 8:42:06 AM
Campbell D
Nerf war = foam thing you have to pick up. laser tag = lasers going thought peoples body and getting them out!
26/4/2020 11:21:31 AM
Oscar M
hello everyone u da bom
24/4/2020 7:44:26 PM
Jacob D
23/4/2020 2:29:16 PM
harry B
i have lots of nerf darts
21/4/2020 3:54:41 PM
Cody L
I Did Try To Pick Both! So Im Saying Both!
20/4/2020 4:33:05 PM
Oscar G
I should’ve voted for nerf for action
18/4/2020 5:19:36 PM
omg obviously nerf wars are better than lazer tag
15/4/2020 12:43:16 PM
Mckay B
i love laser tag as much as k-zone
10/4/2020 6:13:34 PM
Nathanial E
Nerf is nearly as good as K-zone
10/4/2020 7:04:55 AM
Rue J
9/4/2020 2:26:37 PM
Rue J
9/4/2020 2:26:29 PM
Zachariah N
I’ve got so many nerf blasters so it would be a waste if I chose laser tag
8/4/2020 2:14:13 PM
Which animal would you want to be?