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Hi from Adelaide - Evan d 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥u r da best - Jackson G Hi K-ZONE I love your mags keep rocking on!! - Grace G You are great gamers and how do you know these hacks and tips - Ben SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! - Cody L Hi guys, i love the competitions you guys have made! - Tanya M yo bro like I love it helpful stuff about games and stuff. - flexion b you guys are the best - Luca B Hope yall staying safe. K-Zone da best! - Jade G I am new but I tried the Minecraft commands and they are EPIC thanks - Chris
Which prize would you want to win?

Which prize would you want to win?

Which prize would you want to win?
Which prize would you want to win?
Truckload of chocolate
Free movie tickets for a year
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you can get chocolate at the movies
6/7/2020 4:59:43 PM
Caleb W
Definitely the chocolate 😋
2/7/2020 7:00:10 PM
Charlotte D
Free movie tickets , so you can also get loads of food
29/6/2020 6:00:16 PM
Simon A
I love chocolate!
29/6/2020 9:42:49 AM
Steel A
i love choclate!
28/6/2020 5:16:36 PM
Jude P
I have already watched Star Wars the force awakens
28/6/2020 11:04:49 AM
Chocolate is way better than movie tickets for a year guys. come on.
27/6/2020 3:47:27 PM
Hayden B
Free Movie Fun
27/6/2020 1:12:34 PM
Johnny&Charlotte J
27/6/2020 11:22:51 AM
Cody L
I Hope you K-Zone Guys Are Ok through These Tuff Times!
26/6/2020 7:31:08 PM
Michael R
go to the movies
23/6/2020 4:45:13 PM
Who is the best Mario Kart character?
Donkey Kong