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Who looks better in live-action?

Who looks better in live-action?

Who looks better in live-action?
Who looks better in live-action?


Liam L
Pikachu is so cute!!!
28/8/2020 8:18:27 AM
Oliver D
Pika pika lame sonic rules
15/5/2020 3:03:25 PM
omega r
pika pika
2/5/2020 11:06:18 AM
I like pokemon detective pikachu because it is funny and cool.
11/4/2020 9:53:14 PM
Max C
i mean the new sonic is good but the pikachu is great!
11/4/2020 5:20:58 AM
In the sense of the first sonic the design was looks good when he does the uhh meow scece maybe it could be a uhhh...I don’t know
26/2/2020 6:02:48 AM
Jacob P
Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! So cute!!!!
28/1/2020 3:47:50 PM
Pikachu.I know sonic is getting a remake but still (also the detective pikachu movie was awesome)
27/10/2019 8:27:10 AM
Pikachu because Sonic is all hairy Pikachu is soft.
20/10/2019 10:19:43 AM
Zakk C
I Do Like Sonic To But There Is Also a Remade One Just As Good as Pikachu!
21/9/2019 8:21:26 PM
Jacob P
Picachu - looks way better :D
15/9/2019 7:39:17 PM
Ethan G
Pica chew!🤪
6/9/2019 5:27:03 PM
mackenzie s
why sonic his eyes are weird and Pikachu is so cute
21/8/2019 7:09:12 PM
ollie g
17/8/2019 11:41:16 AM
sonic has human teeth. EEEWWWW
1/8/2019 4:52:53 PM
picka picka
27/7/2019 5:16:35 PM
chloe b
Pikachu looks a lot better!!!soooooooooooooo cute
27/7/2019 9:46:10 AM
Hunter H
Pikachu is way cooler
26/7/2019 4:49:32 PM
connor m
real life sonic NAH Detective Pikachu ive seen the movie
24/7/2019 6:43:50 PM
Pikachu looks a lot better in action. I have watched the movie.
22/7/2019 10:08:41 AM
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