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Behind The Scenes: LEGO Masters with Ryan McNaught

Behind The Scenes: LEGO Masters with Ryan McNaught

Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught tells us about his experience as a host on LEGO Masters, and shares some of his LEGO Certified Professional building tips!

KZ: What have you learned from the contestants on the show?

R: Lots! They are all great LEGO builders, so they are always pushing the limits of what LEGO bricks can do, also watching how they work as a team is very inspirational.

KZ: What's your number one tip for K-Zoners to help them level up their builds?

R: Build something that you are passionate about, that way you will understand the subject matter really well, and you’ll know all the details to include on your LEGO model.

KZ: Did you ever build anything on set while waiting for challenges to end?

R: Hamish is always challenging me to build things, it is a bit of an ongoing joke how he tries to defeat me with ever more complicated builds! Some of his requests are very funny. they usually film them for the website too.

KZ: Which LEGO piece could you not live without? Which piece is the most useful for your builds?

R: I always use a lot of 2x4 Bricks. They are incredibly versatile and useful. One minute they can be part of a car, next minute a cloud, then a tree, then a rocketship! They really can be a part of anything.

KZ: What is your top tip for being a master at hosting and/or judging?

R: Just to be yourself, I love LEGO and watching the contestants and the amazing things they make is very inspiring, so encouraging them to keep on going and to push the limits means we get the best builds possible!


Asher W
I love LEGO masters
3/11/2020 8:10:52 AM
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