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Extreme Racing with Molly Taylor

Extreme Racing with Molly Taylor

Molly Taylor is an Aussie rally car driver who is currently competing in the Rosberg X Racing Team for the Extreme E Series! The Rosberg X Racing Team won the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia in April 2021, which was the first of the fave races in the series, and the inaugural race for Extreme E!

KZ: Hi Molly! Do you have any traditions pre- or post- race?

M: I try not to have too many traditions, but there are a few special warm ups and particular ways I like to put on my gloves and helmet.

KZ: Did you do any other activities, take any courses or have any hobbies as a child that weren’t related to driving but gave you skills that you use in your job?

M: I loved horse-riding when I was growing up and I think that helped give me a good work ethic and also skills such as balance and vision which I use in the car.

KZ: Would you rather race against Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog or Crash Bandicoot?

M: Haha, we never had video games at home, but I remember playing Mario and Sonic at my friend’s house. I’m not sure why we played Sonic more, but I guess I’d say that just because it’s what I remember!

KZ: If you could drive any fictional vehicle, what would you choose?

M: Who wouldn’t say the Batmobile!?

Molly Taylor has continued her incred start to the inaugural Extreme E season, winning Round 2 in Senegal on May 29-30 with Rosberg X Racing team-mate Johan Kristoffersson. Add that to her win in Saudi Arabia on April 3-4 with Kristoffersson and the team is well and truly on a roll!

The next Extreme E series race is the Arctic X Prix, which takes place from August 28-29 in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland!

Want more of our interview with Molly? Grab the July 2021 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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