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Illustrator Inspo: Dean Rankine

Illustrator Inspo: Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine is an Australian comic artist, illustrator and writer! Dean's projects include Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony, A Funny Thing Happened to Simon Sidebottom, Invader Zim comics, The Simpsons comics, Oggy and the Cockroaches comics and Futurama comics.

KZ: Hi Dean! What is the best thing about being an artist?

D: I love being creative and making up stories. Nothing makes me feel more like myself than when I’m drawing.

KZ: Did you do any training?

D: I did a two year TAFE course, but really the important stuff I learned by doing.

KZ: Do you have any influences or inspirations?

D: I’ve always loved animated cartoons, comics and comic strips. Basically, anything drawn (particularly cartoony) grabs my attention.

KZ: What’s the most challenging part of being an illustrator?

D: Nothing specific stands out, but I always feel like I’m needing to rush. I either have nothing to do or everything to do all at once. There never seems to be a middle ground.

KZ: You’re part of a group that holds a Guinness World Record! How did you become involved?

D: It’s true! I’m part of the massive group of artists who hold the world record for 'Most Contributors to a Published Comic Book’. Honestly, I didn’t do anything special. Someone just asked if I wanted to be involved and draw something, so I did.

KZ: Have you had a favourite encounter at conventions around Australia?

D: Basically every encounter is my favourite! Being a guest at a convention is like being a super star for a day. You get to be famous, sign autographs and then go back to your normal life of cleaning out the cat tray and taking out the recycling.

KZ: What are your hobbies?

D: Hobby-wise, I like reading books/comics and watching movies. I’m also part of a regular Dungeons and Dragons campaign which I love.

Lightning Round!

KZ: Favourite superhero?
D: Hawkeye.

KZ: Favourite comic?
D: She-Hulk.

KZ: Favourite cartoon?
D: The Simpsons.

KZ: Favourite character of all time?
D: Milhouse.

KZ: Favourite animal?
D: Cat.

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