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Meet A Melbourne Vixens Star

Meet A Melbourne Vixens Star

Want to read more of our interview with netball star, Rahni Samason? Grab the July 2022 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: Hi Rahni! What's the funniest thing that has happened among the team members recently?

R: Realising the age difference in teammates through music. Some of the younger members of the team don’t know the timeless classics, and the more experienced players aren't too fond of the current hits.

KZ: What has been the hardest thing about the season so far?

R: Navigating COVID. You don't want to get it and possibly miss games, and you also don't want to be part of the  spread and give it to teammates!

KZ: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

R: I have to listen to my hype playlist before the game. It gets me pumped and ready to go

KZ: If you could pick a fictional character to join the Melbourne Vixens, who would it be?

R: If I could add a character to the Melbourne Vixens, I would choose Storm from X-Men. She can control the weather, so she could pass super accurately and have insane ball handling skills. She can also fly, which means her vertical jump is limitless!

KZ: Do you have any unusual skills or talents that might surprise K-Zoners?

Nothing unusual, but I do love to dance!


Have a terrible memory: Kiera Austin. She is very organised with a diary and notes, but without it she can't remember anything.

Be the MVP on a trivia team: Kate Eddy. She has so much knowledge on many different things.

Win in Mario Kart: Jo Weston. She has a Nintendo Switch and is very handy with it.

Trip on nothing: Me. Outside of netball I'm quite clumsy.

Create an incredible piece of art: Kiera Austin. She's actually creating a piece of art right now! She's super creative.

Want to read more of our interview with Rahni Samason? Grab the July 2022 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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