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Meet Emma Berman, AKA Giulia in Luca

Meet Emma Berman, AKA Giulia in Luca

Emma Berman plays the adventurous and determined Giulia in Luca, streaming now on Disney+! To read more of our interview with Emma, plus our chat with Jacob Tremblay (AKA Luca) and Jack Dylan Grazer (AKA Alberto), grab the July Rockin' Adventures issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: What is your favourite thing about Giulia?

E: I love Giulia. She's around 12 years old. She lives in Italy. She's awkward and goofy and outgoing, and that's really what drew me to her because we both love to learn new things. She's a total bookworm. We both like to meet new friends and she also likes going on adventures. She's a really determined person and just follows her dreams.

KZ: When did you first get to see the design for Giulia?

E: I got to go in person to Pixar for the callback. That's when Enrico Casarosa (the director), showed me a picture of her so I could understand who she is, and a bit more of what she's like. I also saw some storyboards for the place where she lives, Portorosso, and was able to see what it looks like there. I also got to see a little bit more during the scratch recordings, which was helpful for getting into Giulia’s mindset.

KZ: Alberto and Luca are very passionate about Vespas - obsessed even. What is something you are very passionate about?

E: I'm very interested in voiceover. It's really fun. Another thing that I love to do is theatre. That's kind of how I got started as an actress, I was doing community theatre productions, and I was so interested in my school plays. That's how I got into the mindset of what acting is like and realised that I wanted to do it. I started off doing theatre, and that's what I really love to do.

KZ: What was your favourite Disney Pixar movie before Luca?

E: Obviously Luca is my favourite now, and I love UP but I have to say my absolute favourite movie was Inside Out. I love all of the emotions, Joy, Anger, Disgust – and I recently moved from San Francisco, where the film is based. So I really, I could connect that to my hometown. That was really fun to see it animated.

KZ: Is broccoli pizza really a thing?

E: I haven't tried it yet but honestly, it looks kind of good. I like veggies.

KZ: Giulia is very determined to win the Portorosso Cup, which includes three rounds; cycling, swimming and eating pasta. If you had to compete in a speed eating contest, what food would you like it to be?

E: Well, my favourite food is sushi. I love sushi rolls. As long as they're small, I think I could eat a couple. I could definitely eat a few. And I think I would be good at that.

KZ: The shots of food in the movie left us very hungry. Did you have that problem when you were watching?

E: I had a bowl of popcorn and I just wanted to go to a gelato place and get a cone of gelato and get a bowl of pasta. It definitely makes you very hungry for some good Italian food.

KZ: Luca is looking forward to the best summer ever in Portorosso. Would you rather spend a summer under the sea, or in Portorosso?

E: That's definitely a hard question. I would like to be in Portorosso because of the vibrancy and how you can feel the culture of what it's like to live in Italy through the screen. You feel the essence of all the people and it just seems like such a warm welcoming town. I would definitely like to like to jump through the screen and live in Portorosso.

KZ: Can you share any behind the scenes secrets?

E: It was a really fun process. I never got to meet the other actors, and that was a little surprising. This is my first film; I had no idea what it's like to be on set. I didn't know how any of it was going to work. I honestly had no idea how it was going to work. The whole experience was a big lovely surprise. I got to do scratch recordings, which is like laying down the tracks, which was really fun. I got the part in March of 2020 and that was incredible – honestly, the most surprising part was that I got the part. It was incredible, and I still can't believe it today.

KZ: Do you have any tips for voiceover skills?

E: I would definitely say from my experience that theatre helped me. It kind of mimics what it's like to work on a set. It builds your character and it teaches you how to work hard. The long hours of working in theatre are definitely good experience. Try some theatre and see if you like acting because for me that was a good way to be see if I wanted to be an actor and it got me interested in the different aspects of acting.

KZ: Did you learn anything new or surprising while working on the film?

E: I did get to learn a little bit of Italian for the role. I learned phrases like, ‘Andiamo!’ which is ‘Let's go!’ or a line Giulia says that I find funny is ‘Sei un disastro!’, which means ‘You're a disaster!’

Which Luca Cast Member/Character is Most Likely To…

Have a room full of trophies: That's definitely a tough one, because they're all big explorers and adventurers, so all of them would win different types of things. I feel like I'm leaning towards Alberto, because he's the most fearless and most adventurous, I feel like he'd be participating in the most challenges.

Trip on nothing: I feel like Luca, that’s kind of a Luca thing. At the beginning of the film, he's really shy, he's this good kid. I feel like that’s the vibe he gives off, kind of a little clumsy. He doesn't even know how to walk at the start so yeah, he’d definitely be able to trip on air.

Eat gross food for a dare: Alberto. Yeah, he's a complete daredevil. I feel like he'd do anything.

Win at arm wrestling: Maybe Giulia. I think she's pretty strong character. I mean, she works for her dad's fish shop. She carries big buckets of fish all day. She’s definitely pretty strong. I feel like she would have good arm strength.

Make everyone laugh: Oh, they're all they're all really funny characters. But I've got to give that one to Alberto too, he cracks some pretty good jokes.

Pull a prank: Also Alberto, ahaha!

Have a terrible memory: That's a tough one. Nobody I think they're all really smart. Luca absorbs all the information he could get. Giulia is a total bookworm, she's really smart. I feel like she wouldn't forget things. Alberto wouldn’t forget things either. None of them!

Play an instrument: I think all three of them, I could totally see all three of them rocking out on some rock and roll song or playing even like the trumpet or the bass or anything. I feel like they would all have good musical vibes. They could totally make a band.

Luca is streaming now on Disney+!

To read more of our interview with Emma, plus our chat with Jacob Tremblay (AKA Luca) and Jack Dylan Grazer (AKA Alberto), grab the July Rockin' Adventures issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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