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Meet The Cast of The Bad Guys

Meet The Cast of The Bad Guys

Meet the great actors playing some of the bad guys in, well, The Bad Guys! Sam Rockwell (AKA Mr. Wolf), Marc Maron (AKA Mr. Snake), Craig Robinson (AKA Mr. Shark), and Anthony Ramos (AKA Mr. Piranha) chat to K-Zone about the new movie! Want to read more of our interview with the cast of The Bad Guys? Grab the April 2022 ‘Good To Be Bad’ issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: Hi Marc! What advice would you to K-Zoners who are interested in becoming voice actors one day?

M: Well, if you’re good at telling a story, you should try to do the voices of the characters in the story to see if you have fun with it. It’s all reading to begin with, so it’s all about reading a story at first, but then if you have a story that you’re reading and there’s a character that you like, or an animal that you like in there, try to talk like think that character would talk. If that’s fun for you, maybe you can try doing voices of other things – just make things up.

KZ: Hi Craig! Mr. Shark is a master of disguise! What’s the best costume that you’ve ever dressed up in?

C: I went one Halloween as Prince from ‘Purple Rain’. I had the make up, I had the hair, I did a performance – I went to the Jimmy Kimmel show that night, so it’s somewhere on video out there.

KZ: Are you a fan of sharks, or scared of them?

C: I haven’t had any shark experiences, but I did see a movie where they get eaten by sharks at the end of it, so that wasn’t cool. But that’s because you’re in their territory – sharks are also misunderstood. We don’t know, we don’t ever get to see them smile.

KZ: Hi Anthony! Did you learn any facts about piranhas while you were working on The Bad Guys?

A: I learned that piranhas have sharp teeth. Very sharp teeth.

KZ: Why should K-Zoners check out The Bad Guys?

A: I think everyone should check out The Bad Guys. This is an action packed, comedy, thriller, heart-felt animated movie. All the things anybody of all ages could want in a film, and just a larger than life story, so I think everyone should go see this. I’ve never seen an animated movie like this in my life. I’m so excited!

KZ: Hi Sam! You were in Trolls World Tour with Anthony – did you guys know each other before making this film?

S: That’s right! I forgot that he was in Trolls. That’s right, that’s awesome. No, I just met Anthony in person. We met on Zoom, but that was about it.

The Bad Guys hits cinemas March 31!

Want to read more of our interview with the cast of The Bad Guys? Grab the April 2022 ‘Good To Be Bad’ issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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It’s so cool and that is why they are criminals
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