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Meet Tony From Yokayi Footy

Meet Tony From Yokayi Footy

Meet Tony Armstrong, the incred host that you can watch in episodes of Yokayi Footy on Wednesdays at 8:00pm on NITV, or catch up on SBS On Demand!

KZ: Hey Tony! What has been the highlight of your time on the show so far?

T: Getting to know the crew and making friends along the way!

KZ: Which host is most likely to laugh uncontrollably while filming?

T: It’s very easy to make Bianca laugh, and Darryl and I enjoy trying to stitch each other up on the show. I think the last time was in a recent episode, right before we went to air, DJ gave me a bit of stick and B could barely contain her laughter, good times!

KZ: Should K-Zoners look out for any Easter eggs/hidden details on the show or the set?

T: Jumpy is probably the group’s fave character, if you look hard you’ll find him.

KZ: Who do you support?

T: Haha, I grew up barracking for Sydney and then I ended up playing for them, so it’s the Swans or bust for me!

KZ: Do you have any unusual skills?

T: I can juggle!


Have a room full of trophies: Darryl.

Play an instrument: I’m going to say me!

Win at arm wrestling: Unfortunately Darryl.

Want to read more of our interview with Tony? Grab the November issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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