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Ninja Warrior Tips With Olivia Vivian

Ninja Warrior Tips With Olivia Vivian

Olivia Vivian has competed in every season of Australian Ninja Warrior so far! Can she conquer Mt Midoriyama in 2021? We go behind the scenes with her for some Ninja Warrior pro tips!

KZ: Hi Olivia! What is the best thing about being a part of Australian Ninja Warrior?

O: Having the opportunity to inspire other women and young girls to believe in themselves and chase their dreams.

KZ: What lessons have you learned from previous seasons that have helped you this season?

O: On previous seasons, I let my mental doubts creep in towards the end. This season I’m trusting myself, taking risks and going for it!

KZ: Awesome! What pro tip can you share about tackling obstacles in this season’s course?

O: Visualise yourself doing it first. We don’t get to touch or try the obstacles before our run, so it’s helpful to have a mental plan before you step out onto the platform.

KZ: Who do you think is your strongest competition this season?

O: We can’t overlook last year’s champions, Ben, Charlie and Zak… but also keep your eyes out for some new ninjas, especially some strong ladies!! 

KZ: If you could choose anyone to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior, who would it be?

O: I would love to see King of the Jungle, Luke Toki compete! I’d be excited to see him on any obstacle because I’ve seen him try Ninja training and he’s surprisingly strong. The expression in his face would be pure joy and surprise after every obstacle - or he’d fall in a spectacular manner, which would be funny for us to watch. 

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