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Swapping Brains and Escaping Danger with Rock Island Mysteries Cast

Swapping Brains and Escaping Danger with Rock Island Mysteries Cast

K-Zone chats to Alexa Curtis and Noah Akhigbe from Rock Island Mysteries on Nickelodeon! Want to read more of our interview with Alexa and Noah? Grab the July 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: If you were thrown into the mysteries of Rock Island as yourself, what personal skill or talent would you bring that might be useful in solving a mystery or escaping danger?

AC: In terms of escaping danger I can scream very loud, which might help attract attention. And for solving mysteries, I’d like to say I think outside the box, which could come in handy!

NA: I'm actually very good at gaming, I think Ellis and I would connect over that one.

KZ: Did you learn anything new or surprising while filming the show?

AC: It was really amazing to work with all the cast and crew. The crew in particular were so good at what they did, and how teamwork is so important!

NA: I did! I learnt that hard work and dedication is all you need to achieve your dreams.

KZ: Who was the funniest person in the cast on set?

AC: Izellah was so much fun to be around. She really was the best on screen step-sister!

NA: Probably Jack McGirr who played Dan, hands down one of the funniest people I've ever met.

KZ: Noah, your character Nori is very sceptical and has a great, dry humour. Was there a line or moment in any episode, starring any character, that you struggled to get through without breaking?

AC: There wasn’t any particular line or scene that comes to mind, however the scenes I did with Ellis (Ryan) were so hard to get through sometimes, as he had some very clever written lines.

NA: There were lots of moments where it was hard to break character, but one that definitely stands out is when Ellis gets green goo on his face!

KZ: The character Lila is passionate about filming her life on the island for her vlog channel, ‘Island Life’. Is there an activity or hobby you think would make a good vlog or video ?

AC: I would love to do a video on cooking. I’m not the best cook, but I think vlogging the process would encourage me to learn more recipes and get stronger at it!

NA: I like to play sports like soccer, but I think playing bass guitar would make a good vlog!

KZ: In the show, Meesha seems to be very athletic and great at physical challenges. Who in the cast would win in an arm-wrestling battle, and a 100m sprint?

AC: Definitely Noah would win an arm wrestle! However, I think myself and Noah would give each other some competition in the 100m sprint, as we both come from athletic backgrounds! I’m just going to say that I would win, girl power!

NA: Me, next question.



AC: Swap brains with a random friend for a week!

NA: Swap brains with a random friend. Fingers crossed it's a close friend...


AC: Turn into a baby for a day, definitely! I need more baby photos!

NA: Walking in shoes full of slime!

Watch Rock Island Mysteries on Nickelodeon from June 6!

Want to read more of our interview with Alexa Curtis and Noah Akhigbe from Rock Island Mysteries? Grab the July 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

Want to watch the Rock Island Mysteries cast shout out to K-Zoners? Check out the video on K-Zone TV!

You can also read our interview with Izellah Connelly, Inessa Tan, and Ryan Yeates from Rock Island Mysteries!

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