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Tokyo Games: Brooke Stratton

Tokyo Games: Brooke Stratton

Brooke Stratton is an Australian Olympic long jumper and the current Australian and Oceanic Record Holder! The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held from July 23 to August 8 2021!

KZ: Hi Brooke! You’re headed to the Tokyo Olympics to represent Australia for the second time, but how did you first start competing in long jump?

B: My older brother started Little Athletics when I was still two years away from being old enough to get involved. I remember being so eager to get out there when my time came. I started Little Athletics when I was five years old, where I was introduced to all of the events – including long jump.

KZ: Did you participate in any other activities as a kid that gave you useful skills for long jump?

B: I grew up with three other siblings and we were all super competitive as children. We were always outdoors playing basketball, football, soccer, you name it. I did play basketball for a few years whilst being involved in athletics so I think that really helped develop my coordination as well as anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

KZ: On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you to compete at the Tokyo Olympics?

B: 10/10. It’s been a long build up having the extra year with the postponement. It’s certainly going to be a very different games this year, but the excitement levels are real high!

KZ: Since you’ll be taking the gold, who do you think will grab silver and bronze?

B: You can’t go past the USA athletes to bring home a medal, as well as the 2019 world champion from Germany.

KZ: Are there any other sports you’re keen to watch while you’re there?

B: I’m not sure if we will be able to leave our hotel rooms unless we are training or competing. I am intrigued by many different sports so I would really enjoy watching anything to be completely honest. If I was to pick a few sports I would say gymnastics, swimming and basketball.

KZ: Which fictional character would you like to compete against, and why?

B: I’d love to compete against Sonic the Hedgehog. It would be unreal to compete against someone who can run at supersonic speeds. I would have no chance!

KZ: When you win, which emoji/s do you think will best represent your reaction?

B: I think the best emoji to represent my reaction would be the shocked emoji. I have been dreaming of that moment since I was a kid so I would be in disbelief.

KZ: Other than long jump, do you have a personal talent that deserves a gold medal? 

B: Believe it or not, I must say I am pretty elite at the basketball arcade game.

To read more of our interview with Brooke and more athletes heading to the Tokyo Games, grab the August 2021 Sports Jam issue, on sale now!

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