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Happy World Emoji Day

Happy World Emoji Day

July 17 is World Emoji Day! We're celebrating by decking out our tech with the Tech Toppers range!

Happy World Emoji Day, K-Zoners! Can you imagine a world without expressive faces, thumbs up, or smiling poops to share our thoughts? Neither can we! In honour of World Emoji Day at K-Zone HQ, we're not just using emojis on our screens – we're taking it to the next level and decking out our devices with emojis, thanks to the emoji-themed Tech Toppers range!

Tech Toppers are removable and reusable stickers that you can use to decorate your laptop, tablet, mobile, computer – whatever your choice of device is. We dig that you can use them as many times as you like on a clean and smooth surface and that they don't leave annoying paper residue! You get five sheets in a pack, and each sheet is filled with different emoji designs – yes, one of those designs is a rainbow poop emoji! There's even a sheet to specifically customise your keyboard or keypad. Awesome!

For more info on this range and other collections from Tech Toppers, check out!

I'm off to customise my tech! Which emojis should I use? Which ones would you use? Let me know your favourite emojis in the comments!

by Angela
Ange, AKA Spider-Ange, likes superheroes, DIYs, LOLs, trivia, stunts and videogames!

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