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Marvel, Star Wars and Disney Theme Parks

Marvel, Star Wars and Disney Theme Parks

On Aideen's Blog Of Awesome she talks theme parks! Find out all the latest Star Wars, Marvel and Disney theme park updates on K-Zone!


Captain America, Star Wars and Disney Theme Parks!



A lot of super cool Marvel, Star Wars and Disney announcements have been made recently, so I thought I’d recap it all for the blog!


Star Wars themed lands are coming to Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando! Each park will take visitors to a never-before-seen planet, with one taking you on a secret mission on the Millennium Falcon, and the other putting you in a battle with the First Order from Episode VII: The Force Awakens! I am trying to keep calm but wow, that sounds so epic.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios are also adding a Toy Story Land! Visitors will basically experience life just like Woody and Buzz do – surrounded by giant toys and items!


For mega Marvel fans (like me, obviously), Disneyland is also adding an updated Super Hero HQ, where Captain America, Thor and Iron Man will meet and greet guests! There will also be an Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland, where you can help Iron Man in a simulated battle.

My thoughts on all this? Bring the parks to Australia and New Zealand. Right. Now.

What movie do you wish had a theme park in Oz or NZ, K-Zoners? Let me know!

by Aideen
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